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Orissa Profile
 Capital city : Bhubaneswar
 Population : 36,706,920 (11th)
 Area : 155,707 km² (9th)

Administrative Units :
30 Districts | 314 Blocks

Rath Yatra 2012 Live

Live Rath Yatra 2012 Telecast Watch Online

  Orissa hazy past focuses with the fwar of Kalinga in which the people of Kalinga come into head on consion with Ashoka, the powerful mouryan emperor from Magadha. A hundred thousand were killed, another hundred and fifty thousand are taken captives while an equal number die as an a ftermath of the war. The bloody carnage leave Ashoka with such a better teste in his mouth that he turns his back on violence forever and embrace the Budhism faith of peace and compassion. Budhism spreads under his patronage and becomes the state religion.
  Ashoka dies. The Mauryan empire lasts upto 185 BC.
  630 AD Huen tsang vists Orissa.


Fakir Mohan was born in a poor family of Mallikashpur in Balasore town on 13th Jan 1843. he had lost his (father and mother) parents during his childhood. Later he was nourished and educated by his grand mother .  He started his schooling from his village school. Due to poverty he started teaching on a salary of Rs 2.50 per month.
          Day by day he became active and popular all over. He was appointed as a Headmaster of a big school on a salary of Rs 10 per month.   
At that time ,there was not a single Oriya printed book except scripts on palm leaves and ancient mythology which were not available to all students. As a result the students were reading either Parsi or  Bnegali which disheartened Fakir Mohan very much. Hence, he started writing 2 to 3 oriya small books for the importance of oriya language which was appreciated by all.
    During the period eminent poet Radhanath Roy was a teacher in Balasore Zilla school. Fakir Mohan consituted a "Sahitya Sabha" with Radhanath Roy , which discussed about the necessity of writing more oriya books and to publish it.
    At that time there was no printing press in Balasore. Motivating some rich persons , Fakir  Mohan established a printing press and published one monthly magazine named "Bodhdayini" or "Balasore Sambad Bahini" of whom he was the editor. The first history book in oriya was written by Fakir Mohan and received award of Rs 1000 /- from British Government.
    On the advice of Beam Saheb (Balasore Magistrate) Fakir Mohan quitted his school service and became the Dewan of Niligiri. He was then transferred to Dompada as Manager from Niligiri. After wards he shouldered the responsibillity of Gadjat administration of Dhenkanal, Dasapada and Keonjhar.
     During imprisonment he wrote some of his great novels and poems like:- Mamu,Lachama, Cha mann aotho Gunth, Rebati etc.




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