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Major Hadicrafts :
Applique Work, Brass & Bell Metal, Silver Filigree, Stone Carving.
Minor Hadicrafts
Horn Work, Lacquer, Papier Mache, Tribal Combs, Wood Carving

Horn Work:

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Horn articles of Orissa are mystical and are blended with a superb fashion design. Their lively appearance, dynamism and animation vie with the real objects of nature - that spells the names of Parlakhemundi and Cuttack. Available in widest spectrum of items like combs, pen stands, cigar pipes, decorative figures - horn articles form a memorable memento for the near and dear ones at home.



Lacquer Work:


Lacquer is the refuse of an insect gathered by the tribals in the forests. The Hindu women of Baleshwar and Nowrangpur districts mix it with colours and apply it on small cane boxes made by tribals, and terracotta figures which they make themselves. After several coats of lacquer have sealed the core, the surface is decorated with motifs borrowed from nature, geometric patterns and religious symbols. Although the visual power of colour and design combine to make an ornamental effect, the artisans are only just exploring the area of material, form and technique.

Papier Mache:


This skill has been creatively practised by craftspersons from all over Orissa. Paper, waste cloth and different kinds of natural fibres are soaked and beaten into pulp, then mixed with a variety of seeds and gums for strength and as protection from termites. Special clays and bio-wastes are added for body and reinforcement. The enitre process results in a medium so malleable that it requirs little skill to be moulded into countless forms. However, despite its versatility this craft has


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