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     Orissa boasts of a long and rich cultural heritage. Due to the reigns of many different rulers in the past, the culture, arts and crafts of the state underwent many changes, imitations, assimilations and new creations, from time to time. The artistic skill of the Orissan artists is unsurpassable in the world. The discovery that traditional artists still live and work throughout Orissa, producing various objects in many media, is an exciting part of any visit to the state. Odissi dance and music has lured many to this sacred land of Lord Jagannath. Like other aspects of the culture, the Odissi music is charming, colurful, variegated encompassing various types. In addition to the world renowned Odissi and Chhau dance forms, Orissa boasts of a number of folk performances too.
Odissi Handlooms, Tribal Handlooms 

Odissi Handlooms:

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A weaver at workIkat-that gloriously woven, blurry edged. Gem-coloured design, in gorgeous yarn of silk and cotton has become synonymous with Orissa. Speaking eloquently of its old maritime linkages with Bali, the Ikat tradition of Orissa is the intricate process of Tie and Dye i.e. knotting selections of yarn before dipping them in separate colours one at a time and finally weaving them to produce one of the most delightful designs in multi-hued tones, in motifs drawn from the richness of nature, in threads both silken and gold. The double-ikat designs from Sambalpur are great buys as are the gold embroidered ones from Sonepur. The Bomkai ikats have motifs drawn from the Shakti Cult.

A woman dressed in an Oriya Saree


Tusser silk - produced from non-mulberry silk fabric is the famous nubby hand-reeled fabric in nature tones.


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