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Medieval 1

931 AD

The reign of somavamsis begins. Somavamsis continue to raid till 1110 AD. Temple building activities reach a considerable degree of perfection during the reign of the Somavamsls with Bhubaneswar as the chief Center . Somavamsi king Mahasivagupta Yayat II comes to the thron, and with him begins the most briliant epoch in the history of Orissa. Yayat II unites Kalinga, Kangoda, Utkal and Koshala in the imperial tradition of Kharavela. He is believed to have constructed a 38 temple for Lord Jagannath at Puri. He is also known to have laid the foundations of the famous Lingaraj temple at Bhubaneswar.

1038 AD
The eastern Ganga lying low since the end of 5th century AD come into prominence again with the rise of Vajrahasta V who defeated Soma Vamsi ruler Kama Deva and establishes the Ganga Supremacy over Kalinga.

1050 AD

The construction of Lingaraj Temple at Bhubaneswar is finished by Lalatendu Keshari of the Soma dynasty.

1078 AD

Chodaganga Dev of Ganga dynasty comes to the throne.

1112 AD

Chodaganga Dev invades Utkal and brings it under his rule. A great champion of Vaishnavism, he is believed to have built the monument of Jagannath Temple at Puri. It is the during of Chodaganga Dev that the facous mediaval saint Ramanujacharya is known to have visited Orissa.

1147 AD

Chodoganga Dev dies. About 15 kings rule the Ganga empire at him.

1211 AD

Anangabhima Dev III ascends to the throne. He is believed to have finished the construction work of Jagannath Temple at Puri. Anangabhima DEv establishes a new city called Avinaba Baranasi Katak ( Modern Cuttack) at the bifurcation of the river Kathajodi and Mahanadi.


1238 AD

Anangabhima Dev dies in 1238 AD. His son Narshimha Dev comes to throne. He is reputed to built the Temple of the Sun God at Konark.

1244 AD
Narsimha Dev invades Bengal.

1361 AD
Sultan Firjuz Shah Tugluq invades the Ganga Kingdom and occupies Varanasi Katak.


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